Setting out to recruit a new demographic of beer drinkers, Coopers has put a floral twist on an old favourite with the release of its new Coopers Botanic Ale.

The independent family-owned brewery has enhanced its classic Coopers Sparkling Ale with the addition of juniper, and hopes the new beer will appeal to gin lovers and craft beer drinkers alike.

Gin is a key spirits growth driver, and the IWSR forecasts CAGR volume growth of just under 10 per cent in the Australian market from 2021 to 2026. A strong category crossover exists among gin and craft beer drinkers, and with 30 per cent of consumers buying across both categories, Coopers identified an opportunity to combine the two.

Coopers Brewery General Manager Michael Shearer says the brewers went for something different with this limited release.

“Coopers Botanical Ale draws on our 19th century Sparkling Ale recipe while combining novel elements such as juniper sourced from the UK, and Nectaron hops which are a trending variety from New Zealand,” he said.

“The result is a tasty and unique addition to Australia’s craft beer category that we know will appeal to existing and new drinkers of Coopers. This is a very limited release so you’ll need to get in early before stock runs out.”

The beer is cloudy in appearance, with fruity and floral hop aromas enhanced by the infusion of juniper, and a full-bodied palate and crisp finishing bitterness. At an ABV of 5.8 per cent, Coopers Botanic Ale satisfies demand for higher ABV beers, a market which has double in size in the last five years.

The unique beer is complemented by its standout can design, which takes inspiration from the 60s, and features artwork that represents the juniper tree.

Coopers Botanic Ale is available this month in 375ml cans and 50L kegs for a limited time.

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