The Spring edition of Beer & Brewer magazine has arrived and is full of beer recommendations, DIY recipes, long read features and plenty more.

Subscribe via our website or find this issue in newsagents and home brew shops. For current print subscribers the Spring edition also comes with a special edition 68-page magazine called The Great Australian Brewery Guide where we chart the rise of the brewpub in this country and provide a coast-to-coast go-to resource of places to visit and experience – when we all can that is! You can still get a copy of the Brewery Guide here.

With Gage Roads’ head brewer Ross Brown on the cover our main feature looks at why craft lager is regaining its status as one of the industry’s more popular and discerning styles while we road test a few examples that have helped pave that road. The issue’s overriding lager theme continues in the dedicated HomeBrewer section where we provide three separate DIY lager recipes and delve into some of the more technical aspects behind brewing the King of beers.

Also in the Spring edition

  • Our panel of sensory experts give their views on 86 of the latest and greatest beer and cider releases, where our seasonal focus is on sours.
  • Featuring five DIY recipes, the dedicated HomeBrewer section looks at, among other things, brewing better kettle sours and lagers while detailing the ins and outs of getting into one of life’s great pastimes – all grain brewing!
  • We chat with multiple industry figures about why they think malt is beer’s next big thing as the demands of both brewers and consumers drive maltsters to deliver a wider variety of products that come with greater provenance.
  • Discover how bottles are clinging on in certain sections of the industry despite cans rolling on as craft beer’s preferred packaging format.
  • Go Behind the Beer with Murray’s Brewing’s head brewer Jake Blaschka who has bridged the gap between brewing and viticulture with his Le Pont Rouge Belgian Saison.
  • Go down memory lane with Holgate Brewhouse’s Paul Holgate as we ask him to recall some of his fondest beer memories and find out what his ultimate beer for Spring is.
  • Hear from one of the busiest people in beer in the last year – Modus’ Jaz Wearin – who not only helped oversee the construction of their new production brewery and venue in Newcastle but launched one of Australia’s most successful non-alcoholic craft beer brands.
  • Recipes from Josh Niland’s new book Take One Fish that plenty of beer styles will match perfectly with.
  • Plus a whole lot more.

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