Six Northern Rivers not-for-profits will enjoy their share of $100,000 in funding after being selected as recipients of Stone & Wood’s inGrained Foundation’s Northern Rivers Large Grants Program 2020.

For the second year running the program invited Northern Rivers social and environmental not-for-profits with DGR status to apply for a grant between $10,000 and $30,000 and to show how their projects contribute to regeneration and social connection – this year’s theme.

The theme was partly prompted by the Summer bushfires, and then social restrictions surrounding COVID-19, which led the Foundation Grants Committee to focus on the future of the local community.

The total funding pool also included a $15,000 Employee Funded Grant created by the permanent team at Stone & Wood, who substituted their monthly carton allowance with a cash donation to the not-for-profit inGrained Foundation to raise the money.

An example of where these annual funds go, the Rainforest 4 Foundation, who received a $30,000 grant, will embark on a large scale regeneration project across fire-impacted local regions. The organisation will also engage residents, landowners, volunteers and the Aboriginal Madhima Gulga bush regeneration team in mitigating the risk of future bushfire through weeding, planting and increasing biodiversity.

For more information visit the inGrained Foundation website here.

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