16 September 2011

Cristina Cocchiaro from the Belgian Beer Café Oostende in South Australia has been crowned Australia’s best beer pourer, demonstrating superb poise and skill in the Stella Artois Nine-Step Pouring Ritual and will now take on the rest of the world at the Stella Artois World Draught Masters championship.

Cristina will fly to Buenos Aires to showcase her pouring skills against a talented line-up of finalists from more than 28 countries at the global final on Wednesday 26 October.

The Australian final at the Belgian Beer Café Oostende in Adelaide, saw 12 of the nation’s best beer pourers take to the taps and demonstrate their skill and mastery at the Stella Artois nine-step pour before a panel of expert judges. Leading the judging was 2010 Stella Artois World Draught Masters Champion and Ambassador, Chris Myers, who has been touring the globe, sharing his passion for Stella Artois and the time-honoured Nine-Step Pouring Ritual.

Chris Myers was particularly impressed with the calibre of this year’s finalists and claimed the judging process to be exceptionally tough. Playing a more behind-the-scenes role this year, he was able to reminisce about how challenging it is to be a competitor!

“It’s one thing to pour a beer behind the bar at your local pub, but it is another thing completely to perform the Stella Artois Nine-Step Pouring Ritual in front of a crowd of thirsty onlookers. All finalists exercised great skill in front of a capacity crowd last night. It was Cristina however, who ultimately impressed us the most and I wish her the best of luck in Argentina next month.”

Cristina secured the title of Australian Stella Artois Draught Master following an unprecedented draw for second place, and a final pour off with fellow South Australian local, Jack Henderson. After having to fight for her position in the final two, Cristina confidently stepped up to the taps, pouring two absolutely perfect chalices of Stella Artois and impressing the judges with her engagement, skill and passion for the Stella Artois Nine-Step Pouring Ritual.

“I am absolutely delighted” said Cristina “I have had the best possible training from my personal mentor and last year’s global runner up, Siobhan Mullins. She was hard on me every step of the way to ensure absolute attention to detail and perfection in the Stella Artois Nine-Step Pouring Ritual. I am so grateful for the Stella Artois program that has enabled me to broaden my knowledge and skills and strive for absolute perfection in superior beer service. I cannot wait to get to Buenos Aires and proudly represent Australia. Fingers crossed I can bring back that World Draught Master trophy!”

The sophisticated and stylish event saw the Adelaide social set, the media, and local trade walk the red carpet and enjoy the perfectly poured chalices of Stella Artois along with traditional Belgian canapés.

Now in its 15th year, the Stella Artois World Draught Masters provides training to would-be Draught Masters from participating venues across Australia, focusing on the finer details of the Stella Artois Nine-Step Pouring Ritual and its ability to give consumers the best possible taste and service experience, time after time.

As a continued commitment to the Australian on-premise sector, Stella Artois will be rolling out their ‘Pouring Perfection Program,’ which will focus on delivering the ultimate beer experience for consumers in venues. The Nine-Step Pouring Ritual, complemented by the carefully designed and elegant Stella Artois chalice glass and new stand-alone Swan Font, are key components of the program.

For more information about the Stella Artois 2011 World Draught Masters competition, visit www.stellaartois.com/WDM2011 and for further details on the Pouring Perfection Program please contact Genna Nabaldi on Genna.Nabaldi@cub.com.au.

About Stella Artois

Stella Artois traces its origins back to 1366 to the Den Hoorn brewery in Leuven, Belgium, just outside of Brussels. The beer was originally brewed to celebrate Christmas, and it was named Stella (Latin for “star”) for its exceptional clarity. Stella Artois has a pleasant bitterness and refreshing finish that distinguishes it from other European lagers. Stella Artois is best served in its signature chalice glass, which showcases its rich, golden colour while releasing the beer’s flavour and aroma.

The Stella Artois 9-Step Pouring Ritual:

  1. The Purification – Use a clean and rinsed Stella Artois chalice glass
  2. The Sacrifice – Open the tap in one quick action and let the first drops of beer flow away
  3. The Liquid Alchemy – Hold the glass just under the tap without touching it at a 45° angle
  4. The Head – Lower the glass to allow the natural formation of the foam head
  5. The Removal – Close the tap quickly and move the glass away so beer doesn’t drip into the glass
  6. The Beheading – While the head foams up and overflows the side of the glass, smooth it gently with a head cutter
  7. The Cleansing – Clean the bottom and sides of the glass
  8. The Judgement – The right amount of foam is usually about two fingers
  9. The Bestowal – Present the beer on a clean beer coaster with the logo facing the consumer

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