Lovers of Danish beers take heed – there are seven new brews freshly deposited on our golden shores from Beer Here. They are, in no particular order:

Wicked Wheat, a 4.7% ABV wheat beer, hopped with Citra to offer a new dimension to the wheat beer experience.

Dead Cat, Single Hop Amber Ale, a 4.7% ABV beer that’s been hopped with American Simcoe, offering pine needles, melon and catty notes to a caramel base.

Executioner IPA, a 7.0% ABV that packs a wallop, combined with light caramel, grapefruit and citrus edge.

Sod Baltic Porter, a 7.5% ABV pitch-black porter with a dash of smoked malt, offering a roasty, bitter cocoa and smoky taste.

Dark Hops Black IPA, a monstrous 8.5% ABV brew featuring Marris Otter, malted rye, roasted barley with a big hit of American Columbus Hops.

Also available – but only by the keg – are the Fatcat Single Hop red ale (4.7% ABV) and a Harvest IPA (7.0% ABV) that’s been cellared for six months to soften the American and German hops

Industry folks who are interested in these beers should contact Northdown.

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