The just-launched Send A Slab
beer gifting service, aims to help you say Thank
You, Happy Birthday, and Merry Christmas to mates.

The appropriately named service will send out one of three slabs to the mate of your choice, ranging from a case of Light Ice for an ‘Average Bloke’ who “rocked up late and left early. The one who ate your
snags, drank your beer, and you’re still not sure what he helped with!”; a case of Carlton Draught for the ‘Good Bloke’ who has “helped you move house, knock up a shed, fix the car, or won a bet fair and square”; or a case of Corona for the ‘Great Bloke’ who “has gone above and beyond the call of duty” so you can “give him a great beer, one he wouldn’t normally splash out on”.

Launch with just the three products could cause an issue with drinkers who don’t like to drink Lager, but the concept is rather brilliant – especially the offensively intended case of light beer.

“We’ve been working on the site for some time, and the beer selection
was the hardest decision we had to make. We of course had to trial them
all before we could settle on the final three,” says Send A Slab
creator, Shayne Tilley.

Users of the service (and their recipients) have to be able to prove that they are over 18 in order to access the goods. Details can be found at

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