23rd May 2011

Best Home Brewed Beer Competition, 16th and 17th July, 2011.

Due to years of ongoing popularity the Samford Show is again hosting a competition for the best home brewed beer. Each entry will be judged according to a nominated style. These being: Pale Lager, Dark Lager, Specialty beers, Pale Ale/Bitter Ale, Brown Ale, Stout, and Wheat Beer. Each of these styles are readily available kits to buy from the two home brew shops who are awarding the generous prize money for this year’s competition.

If you already have some home brew on hand but feel that it’s not up to competition standard, don’t despair. Brewers of all levels are encouraged to participate, as this is a useful way of learning how to improve your future brews with the informative and confidential “feedback” score sheet for you to keep.

The winners of each beer style will receive:

  • First place an attractive A4 coloured certificate ready to take pride of place in the “good room” at home, plus a $30 dollar gift voucher thanks to Brewers Choice, Enoggera.
  • Second place a $20 dollar gift voucher and Samford Show silk ribbon thanks to Home Brew Barn, Kedron.
  • Third place a Samford Show silk ribbon plus a $15 dollar gift voucher thanks to Home Brew Barn, Kedron.
  • Overall Best Home Brewed Beer Championa $50.00 gift voucher and a Samford Show silk ribbon.

So dust off that stowed away brewing equipment and create a prize-winning brew today!!

Drop-off points for entries are at the following home brew shops:
Home Brew Barn, 325 Gympie Rd, Kedron, 3350 1411.
Brewers Choice, 394 Samford Rd, Enoggera. 3855 8800.

Cost is $2 per bottle, payable upon submission. Entries will be accepted up until Friday the 8th of July. See overleaf for Rules and conditions.

So just head into your closest selected home brew shop, and all labels and forms will be ready for you to fill out. Further any other enquires to Scott Mackenzie on 0411 815 445 or Email Connectelec@bigpond.com “Good luck” and remember you’ll never know until you give it a go!!

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