The new burger bar at Melbourne’s Grosvenor Hotel

Melbourne’s Grosvenor Hotel is opening the St Kilda Burger Bar in June, which it claims will be the city’s first drive-through burger bar in a pub.

The burger bar will serve a range of burgers including The Grosvenor, which is the hotel’s most popular, selling close to 200 per week.

Rabih Yanni, who took over Grosvenor Hotel in late 2014, has been busy implementing changes at the venue. Excited about the prospects of the drive-through, he said: “We will make your burger to order, giving you a burger that’s fresh and hot without a lengthy wait.

“We all appreciate convenience, combine this with quality and punters will vote with their feet”, he added.

In line with the Grosvenor Hotel’s commitment to sourcing, ageing and preparing premium cuts of beef, the burgers will be made of 100 per cent certified grass fed Angus beef.

The Grosvenor already operates a grocery and a bottle shop alongside the pub offering.


Written by Andy Young for TheShout

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