Ogden’s Brewery, The Windsor Hotel in Perth’s exclusive on-site microbrewery, is hosting an Ale Stars event on October 27 where it will showcase their beers and the processes that go in to making them.

Hosted by head brewer Mark Reilly in The Windsor’s Garden Bar, ticket holders will sample five of Ogden’s beers paired with food and learn about the brewery’s history, how they make their beer and the produce that goes in to them.

Not available in packaged format, Ogden’s is only poured at The Windsor where its fed straight from the brewery’s tanks in the Garden Bar.

The October 27 Ale Stars event will include:

  • Generous tasting of their five craft beers
    o Arctic Lager 4.8%
    o Arctic Lite 3.5%
    o Oggie’s Pale Ale 5.3%
    o Black Pearl Ale 6.6%
    o Landlord Series: Saison 5.6%
  • Beer bites created by executive chef Anton Keyzer, who’ll be using Ogden’s beer in each dish
  • A brewery tour
  • Prizes and giveaways

Tickets are available here.

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