Grainstone, an Australia-based startup has released its prototype samples of flour made from upcycled spent grain from breweries.

The product, called Grainstone Brewers Premium Flour, is now available to food manufacturers, commercial flour buyers, scientists and academics for research and product development trials across the country.

“This all-new nutritious speciality flour is made from upcycled premium brewers spent grain, a co-product from the manufacture of Australia’s most well known and loved beers,” says Grainstone founder Matthew Kronborg.

Grainstore founder Matthew Kronborg

“High in protein, dietary fibre, calcium and B vitamins while low in gluten, this fortifying ingredient can help give your food products a healthy boost, with peace of mind that it is sustainably sourced.

“I am pleased to announce this next step in our deployment as we form up demand commitments towards the build decision on our innovative first large scale Grainstone Brewers Premium Flour production facility in Australia.

“We see consumers are looking for more nutritious foods, adventurous flavours and ingredients, circular economy solutions, and delicious, fun stories.”

Grainstone was the Jury’s Choice ‘Innovating Health Through Diet’ Ward at the 2019 Global Trade Food Innovation Summit.

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