Craft beer aficionados will be pleased to here that Murray’s have released their Angry Man Brown Ale in 640ml longnecks.

The “deceptively” drinkable 6.5% ABV Brown Ale promises to be bitter up front and smooth at the finish, and is much loved by fans of the brand.

The longnecks are now available over the bar or takeaway, or from the brewery, Rubber Duckie in Manly, and leading craft beer outlets.

Those lucky enough to be in the vicinity of Murray’s Brewery (Port Stephens) and Rubber Duckie (Manly) shouldn’t dither about if they want to try Murray’s ‘Hell of the North’ Strong Dark Belgio Ale.

The 11.5 % ABV is said to be “quite possibly one of our best ever beers” and the brewery’s first Belgian Strong Dark Ale.

On tap only it won’t last much longer.

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