The Australian National Homebrewers Conference 3 (ANHC3) has released an update about the upcoming conference, to be held in Melbourne on 26-27 October, 2012.

The team behind ANHC3 have told us that they’ve received a lot of feedback from attendees of recent events, and they’ve decided to change things up a bit to accomodate the more popular aspects of the conference this time around.

The conference will feature information sessions on the basics for beginners, as well as all the super-technical presentations of previous years.

Plus, the Awards Dinner has been revamped to become the impressive-sounding Gala Awards Dinner, which will be held at Maia, at the Central Pier Docklands. That will be followed by Cub Night, building on the success of the more social evening from the previous ANHC in 2011.

They’ve also added an Industry Day, timed to coincide with the Victorian Microbrewers Showcase in Federation Square on 26 October.

For more details on this event, check out the ANHC website.

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