Victoria’s longest running craft brew competition, Beerfest, is this year moving from its traditional home of Gippsland and is setting up shop in Kyneton, a small town on the outskirts of Northern Melbourne.

Organised and run over the weekend of 27 February – 1 March by The Melbourne Brewers, the oldest craft brewing club in Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs, Beerfest has more than 20 years of history and is the second largest event of its kind in the state.

Entries are judged by both novice craft beer enthusiasts and BJCP accredited judges. Categories include wheat beers, dark lager/ale, porter and stout, pale ale and Belgian.

With almost 200 entries received last year, organisers expect to see even more in 2015.

Entries close at 12pm, Saturday 14 February. To enter, click here.


Written by Caitlin Burns

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