Glen Luckhurst
Matso’s general manager Glen Luckhurst

Iconic Western Australian microbrewery Matso’s is making its mark on the east coast this month.

The Broome microbrewery has launched its first major campaign The Matso’s Tourist, which has seen it partner with leading bars in Melbourne and Sydney to give ‘the big smoke’ a taste of Broome.

Increased demand for Matso’s unique ginger and mango beers in the Sydney and Melbourne markets has been the catalyst for the brewery to expand its footprint by competing nationally in the buoyant craft beer market.

“Our objective has always been to create beers of individuality that reflect the Kimberley region, and as a business and a brand, we are now at the point that we can offer and promote our unique products to a greater audience than Western Australia,” said Matso’s sales and marketing director, Justin Wiebrecht.

As part of an official consumer launch on the east coast, Matso’s has encouraged venues to develop events that incorporate elements of the Kimberley, giving a flavour of the unique lifestyle enjoyed by Broome locals and holiday-makers.

Bars such as Yardarm Taphouse in Manly; KB Hotel in Surry Hills; Union Hotel and Lomond in Brunswick; Transport in Melbourne and Cherry Tree in Richmond, to name a few, have embraced the campaign with Broome-focused events this month and next.

“Part of our success is that Matso’s head brewer combines the infest of natural ingredients, traditional time honoured brewing techniques and modern technology, to produce a range of beer styles that, above all else, aim to deliver flavour,” said Wiebrecht.

Matso’s Broome Brewery produces 10 different handcrafted products including its famous Mango Beer, alcoholic Ginger Beer, Pale Ale, Dark Lager, Chilli Beer, Session Ale and Lychee Beer.


Written by Daria Kurilo 

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