Matilda Bay is continuing on with the family theme in the wake of launching their new packaging.

The billboards will build on the new emphasis that Matilda Bay is placing on their beers being part of a range rather than stand alone products. At the time of the new packaging’s release Matilda Bay
Marketing Manager
Jamie Fox said that while beer drinkers were familiar with the brand’s beers Fat Yak, Beez Neez, Redback, most were unaware that the brews were all actually brewed by Matilda Bay.

As part of the new campaign, Matilda Bay’s eight products will be up on billboards around Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane, as well as into print titles like fashion and lifestyle mags Frankie and Smith Journal.

Head brewer Scott Vincent says that although the brewery is very proud of their Fat Yak North American-style Pale Ale and what it has achieved, they want drinkers to explore the range and find other brews they love too.

“Our Dogbolter Dark Lager, Bohemian Pilsner and Munich-style Lager, Helga, are sort of the unsung heroes in our stables,” he says. “And we’d love for drinkers to know they are interesting members of our eclectic beer gang.”

Besides their permanent range of eight brews, Matilda Bay also produces Minimum Chips – a Golden Lager launched late last year – and Itchy Green Pants – a Cloudy Ale (currently only available on tap. The team also brews a selection of seasonal beers that are exclusively on tap at their Port Melbourne brewery and bar.

The new campaign will be seen on billboards from 25 March and in print from 28 April.

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