Things have been very busy at Red Duck recently with the lads brewing up an array of amazing and crazy Limited Releases. First off the block is Hop Bach – a collaboration between Red Duck & Champion Brewer Anders Kissmeyer of Denmark. It was brewed at the Red Duck brewery in Ballarat during Anders’ recent visit to Australia and is a monster of a beer. Weighing in at 9.8 per cent ABV, it is a Double IPA with a difference: 25 different hop varieties were used in its creation. Bottled in 750mL wax sealed swing-top bottles, there was only once small batch made of this never to be repeated brew… so get in quick.

Next up is The Bear, a Wild Dark Honey Braggot, also with a mightly 9.8 per cent ABV. This brew is a Mead made from wild dark bush honey, blended with a strong Amber Ale. In the brewers’ own words: “First we find some wild, dark bush honey, then we make a batch of strong mead. When the mead is ready, we try it and decide what sort of ale will compliment the mead. We brew the ale, in this case a strong Amber Ale, and then blend the two. Simple really, but there is nothing simple about drinking a real Braggot. Intensely flavoured, rich, malty and very honeyish, this is a full on Braggot. Not to be confused with a beer made with honey as an ingredient, Red Duck Braggots are real ones: a blend of Mead and Ale. Thus more complex than a beer, more complex than a mead, and twice as pleasureable as either! This is the third Braggot made by Red Duck. Each Braggot we make is different, because each mead we make is different, and this one is the most beautiful yet, but dangerous, like the Bear. Like many of our limited releases, there is only one batch of The Bear, ever.”
That’s right there is just one
batch, so get out there and track it down.

Also, Northdown Craft Beer Movement – Red Duck’s distributors – are looking to lock in a venue to host a Red Duck Tap takeover during next year’s Good Beer Week (May 2013). Kegs of beers in the core range plus four or so seasonal brews would be available to choose from. If you’re interested, please let them know.

For stockists or to chat about the tap takeover email

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