At 4 Pines Brewing Company we’re grapeful. Grapeful for hot summer days, grapeful that the electricity hasn’t gone out and the beers are cold but more than anything, we’re grapeful that 1,000 grapefruits gave their lives so we could produce our latest small batch Keller Door release, Grapefruit IPL. Without their selfless act we’d be giving you, well, just an IPL.


While many of you were topping up your tans and gorging on mince pies over the festive break, our dedicated team of brewers were developing a mild case of RSI zesting grapefruit. No less than 24 boxes of ruby grapefruits were hand-zested for infusion into the beer at both the boil kettle and fermenter. The hops chosen – Azacca, Centennial and Waimea – all compliment the sharp fruity aromas of the grapefruit with their own unique scents of citrus, tropical fruits and sweet spice.

The lager yeast, fermented cold and left for extended lagering (cold storing) time in maturation has resulted in a smoother, more refined version of the classic IPA, with the bold and unique aromas of hops and real fruit, and the typical robust cleansing bitterness.

Tasting Notes: It’s summer and the heat has well and truly kicked in. Your mouth parched with dryness, life sticks its sun burnt hand out to give you lemons. You’ve got two choices; take the lemons & bake a delicious gluten free tart that will have cousin Jess raving about your recipe for years. Or, turn around, smash life in the face with a grapefruit and tell him he’s fired. A choice two inspired IPL, bursting with ruby red grapefruit and a citrusy bitterness, all beautifully balanced by sweet malt and a light refreshing body.



Malts: Ale | Pale Wheat | Carapils | Munich

Hops: Azacca | Waimea | Centennial

Grapefruit IPL is available now in keg and the limited release 500mL bottle from leading bottle shops around the country.

RRP $11 / 1 x 500mL bottle

6.3% ABV / 69 IBU


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