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According to James Squire, craft cider is currently the fasting growing category within a fast growing category.

As such, the brand has decided to add to their already popular Orchard Crush range – they released an Apple Cider in 2012 – with a traditional-style Perry or Pear Cider.

Master Brewer and Founder, Chuck Hahn, says that this latest addition to the Malt shovel family was always on the cards.

“We have been experimenting with cider for some time now, and ever since we bought our Orchard Crush Apple Cider we’ve wanted to create a Perry,” he says. “We know that our drinkers are really enjoying cider at the moment, even in the cooler season, and we believe that our traditional Perry will not only appeal to James Squire fans, but also those who want to explore cider further.”

Orchard Crush will be available in 500ml bottles and on tap at select venues.

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