Rocks Brewing Company has announced the long awaited return of its award-winning IPA to Harts Pub in The Rocks, Sydney.

Recently taking home silver at the 2012 AIBA, this IPA weighs in at seven per cent ABV and clocks a 70 on the bitterness scale – courtesy of the truck load of dry hops thrown in at the end.

Rocks Brewing Co originally launched the limited edition brew in 2011 after General Manager Mark Fethers returned from San Diego all ‘green and hoppy eyed’.

“My withdrawal from hops was painful and normal beer didn’t have any flavour anymore,” he says. “Getting off the plane I called Scotty Morgan [Rocks Brewing Company Head Brewer] and announced that IPA was to be our next specialty brew.”

Selling out in less than three weeks, the success of their first IPA left the crew wondering whether or not to crank it out more often.

It took until Fethers and Morgan attended the Craft Brewers Conference in San Diego this April for them to be inspired to crank out another version and so – to the delight of Rocks Brewing punters – they returned to brew another batch.

Morgan was impressed by the balance in the beers they saw at CBC, despite the hop assault and higher than six per cent ABV they were carrying. “I was like a walking hop cone when we got back to Sydney after two weeks of IPA drinking,” he says. “So we’re very excited about the return of IPA to Harts Pub.”

The limited stock is already running low, so get in now to secure your share.

Call Nick Becker, at Rocks Beer Sales, on 0421 059 969 for more info.

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