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While it’s a lot easier drinking out of a bottle or can you really aren’t doing the beer, or your tastebuds, any justice. It’s important to always drink beer from the right glass otherwise you’ll miss the aroma, which influence so much of the overall flavour of the beer.

Drinking beer at the right temperature is also vital to the overall experience so as a rough guide, lagers = 4-6OC and ales = 8-12OC. So what glass goes with which beer? Our friends at Spiegelau have the answer.

(1) Wheat Beer Glass

This tall glass is perfect for the naturally highly-carbonated style of wheat beer, which needs a little extra room to breathe. The wide balloon shape at the top releases banana clove and spice aromas, while the sweet, creamy flavours and textures are accentuated on the palate.

(2) Tall Pilsner Glass

This slim glass is perfect for crisp refreshing pilsners. The narrow waist and fluted base maintains a fresh head, while the straight sides are perfect for the earthier, grassy noble hop varieties found in pilsners.

(3) Lager Glass

Straight sided and wide mouthed, this glass perfects the simplest of all beer styles, lager. Great for fresh, unassuming styles, this glass suits lagers and German helles.

(4) IPA Glass

In 2013, Spiegelau created a glass for a particular style of beer, the first company to do so. The glass was developed in a sensory workshop in collaboration with two leading USA Indian Pale Ale breweries, Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada. The IPA glass enhances the generous floral and citrus aromas that IPAs are famous for, whilst the uniquely shaped base maintains and recharges a fresh frothy head with every sip, delivering full hop flavour and perfect malt balance.

(5) Stemmed Pilsner Glass

The tulip shape of this glass accentuates complex esters and yeast-driven aromas, while the tapered top highlights malt driven beer styles. Suitable for rich red malty ales, Belgian and trappist beers, sours, lambics, and gueze styles.

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