Store manager Manning Blanchard

BeerMash, a growler store for those who like an evolving array of drinks to sample before they buy, or refill, will swing open its doors tomorrow night (14 Nov).

Located on Smith Street in Collingwood, the retail store allows customers to taste all the products before they buy – packaged in re-usable growlers or squealers, and in bottled form. The drinks on offer will be chosen from producers with a story and will be hand-picked by managers and customers as to what the 20 taps hold.

While craft beer is a key focus, BeerMash will also showcase craft cider, Kombucha, cold brewed coffee and seasonal wines. Product lines will change monthly, with initial tap lines including; Two Birds Brewing, BrewDog, Yeastie Boys, Bridge Road Brewers, Custard & Co Cider, DOC Wines, Kaiju!, Evil Twin, Beat Coffee and Remedy Kombucha.

One of the owners Kieran Hennessy said he saw an opportunity with growlers while on a trip a couple of years ago.

“I came across the growler potential on a trip for Ecokeg to sign up a Russian licensee two years ago. It led me to the Russian Pegas System and research of growlers generally in my global travels for Ecokeg,” Hennessy said. “Ecokeg also let me meet amazing supportive passionate brewers around the world ie Justin Hawke at Moor Beer, Danielle at Two Birds and Epic in New Zealand. We have prioritised these relationships on our first taps!”

BeerMash is a partnership of people who have been part of Smith Street enterprises for many years. The owners are involved with pubs, bars, restaurants and keg supplies and are passionate about Collingwood, the place and the team, and craft produce.

BeerMash is located at 306 Smith Street, Collingwood.

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