The Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne’s office has signalled its continuing support of the craft beer industry in Australia.

In response to the ARBA White Paper that was released on Monday, the Greens have welcomed the information regarding taxes on small independent breweries across the OECD.

The greens have a long history of supporting the microbrewing industry, saying “The report makes a compelling case for significantly increasing excise rebate relief, and providing proper government support to the craft brewery industry.”

The Senator added her own comments, continuing to back the industry as she has actively done in the past.

“I have long supported the Australian Real Craft Brewers (ARCBA) call to reform the excise treatment of beer from microbreweries,” she says. “Last year I was thrilled to help ARCBA secure an increase in the tax excise rebate for small craft breweries, along with a new definition that confirms they must be 100% independent and domestically owned.”

Senator Christine Milne added that she believes small craft breweries are fantastic sustainable job creators,
particularly in rural and regional Australia, supporting local producers
and helping local tourism.

“The report shows that in Europe a supportive tax regime has helped boost local jobs in small breweries, as well as create new jobs across the supply, hospitality and retail sector,” she says. “As people increasingly look for quality over quantity, supporting the craft brewery market in Australia helps them support local beer.”

While The Greens were involved in last year’s historic excise reform, they maintain that it is only the first step in supporting the industry, a move that will return increased revenue for the Federal Government through sales and employment tax, as well as creating much needed jobs.

“It’s a big win-win and the rest of the OECD has strongly embraced this,” says Senator Milne. “We should follow suit.”

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