Goose Island

Lovers of American craft beer can rejoice because Goose Island has landed on our shores and will be available in select venues as of Friday 21 April.

Goose Island will launch in Australia with its newest release the Midway Session IPA, a 4.1% sessionable IPA.

Jared Jankoski, Goose Island’s Brewmaster, said: “Goose Island Midway IPA is a lighter bodied dry hopped beer that we would call a ‘session IPA’ in the US. It has a pleasant balancing malt character, low to moderate bitterness and a unique, bright tropical hop aroma derived primarily from Mosaic hops. The result is very refreshing and enjoyable beer with a great hop aroma.”

To celebrate the landing, Goose Island will be putting on a ‘Hoppy Hour’ at select venues in Melbourne and Sydney where the Midway IPA will be available courtesy of Goose from 6pm until the kegs run out.

Goose Island

The pioneering Chicago brewery is bringing its expertise and a range of its brands to Australia, with the local Aussie brewers working in close partnership with Chicago Goose Island brewers to bring the internationally renowned Goose IPA to Aussies. The six-time Great American Beer Festival medal winning beer will be arriving in the coming months.

A launch of packaged bottles of Goose Island’s beers into the off-premise will also launch soon, Beer & Brewer will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) will be handling the distribution of Goose Island in Australia, but the local brewing of the beer will be overseen by the Chicago team to “ensure that it meets the high standard that the Goose team have set for themselves”.

Jankoski continued: “Brewing locally gives a great freshness advantage, and with our ability to be directly and constantly involved with the brewing process we see this as the most ideal way to bring our beer to Australia. We have been involved every step of the way, giving direction on the brewing process and visiting the brewery to personally taste the beer for every trial.”

Ken Stout, the President & General Manager of Goose Island, said they are very proud and excited to introduce Goose Island to the great beer lovers of Australia.

“It’s also very flattering that interest in American craft beer is spreading around the world, and thrilling for Goose Island to be a part of the movement. Everyone at the Goose Island Beer Company is looking forward to making some new friends Down Under.”

Get on Goose this Friday during Hoppy Hour from 6pm at the following venues:

The Catfish Bar — 30 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy
Freddie Wimpoles — 125 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda
Cookie — Level 1, Curtin House, 252 Swanston Street, Melbourne

Petersham Public House — 296 Stanmore Road, Petersham
Newtown Hotel — 174 King Street, Newtown
Keg & Brew — 26 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills

Goose Island

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  1. American Craft Beer…uhuh…..that if in America is not actually classed as craft beer because it’s owned by a big multinational beverage company. Not quite what you’d call American craft beer is it, especially when it’s going to actually get brewed in Australia?
    Brewing it locally in a CUB mega-swill factory makes it about as craft as when they brew Guinness or Kirin locally.
    This story and marketing by CUB borders on an outright lie ultimately, it’s a foreign premium beer like Guinness at best, (not even an imported premium beer so you get the real foreign brewed version).
    That said, I love my Guinness, better from St James Gate, but the local stuff is quite good too, so as is often said it’s about whether the beer is good or not, but that doesn’t mean you can be so seemingly deceptive about it’s true status.

  2. Goose Island is owned by the world’s biggest brewery and are killing the chinese craft beer movement through unmatchable incentives from tax-department defined craft breweries. Support local beers, breweries and brewers!

  3. I’m from Chicago. This is a genuine craft beer. I’ve seen it featured on a program called ‘Wild Chicago’ which was on Channel 20 in Chicago. It was public television, but not like PBS or the ABC. It was more like Channel 44 here in Australia, and this was about 28 years ago. I think the channel was run by City Colleges of Chicago, which is like TAFE. ‘Wild Chicago’ was a show that featured little known shops that traded in things like doll parts, or, un-refurbished, abandoned claw-foot bathtubs, or, old vinyl soul records. That’s the kind of profile Goose Island Brewery had.

    Also, you should check out an endless series on YouTube called ‘Chicago’s Best’, where people in the community nominate their favourite restaurant in a particular category (Mexican, Italian, Steaks, BBQ, etc.) around the Chicago area. Goose Island is a sponsor of this YouTube show, not Carlton United. They may own it, but, we’re not talking about Anheuser-Busch here.

    Seriously. Come off it. It’s a craft beer, and no, I don’t work for the company.

  4. Goose Island are making an “Australian-adjusted” IPA which is NOT in the American style at all. Local craft brewers in Australia are brewing sensational beers. Goose Island is insulting us by giving us bland, boring stuff. Forget the Midway, also – boring.

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