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Goodbye astringency, hello foam!

We know that you are as serious about the art of brewing as we are about the science and technology within the brewing process.

At Brewmax, our clients benefit from more than three decades of engineering know-how and our designs are informed by the latest European advances in brewing process technology.

Studies have shown that low thermal stress boiling reduces astringency and promotes foam. In Germany, brewers have even set a heat stress index standard.

The technologies of reduces tannins, advanced volatile stripping, advanced dry hopping and the management of reduction/oxidation potential in beer can all be retrofitted by Brewmax.

Brewmax specialises in state-of-the-art technologies such as:

  • Wet milling
  • De-aeration of strike & sparge water
  • Low tempature decoction
  • Faster, clearer lautering systems
  • Low Thermal Stress boiling systems
  • Advanced stripping of Unwanted Volatiles
  • Crash cooling at knockout
  • Denk whirlpool rings
  • Low shear Zero-O2 pumping
  • Nitrogen generation
  • Cool ship trub separation
  • Hydro-dynamic fermentation tanks
  • Hop Bomb advanced dry hopping
  • KG Centrifuges
  • Zero O2 Inert Gas Cloud canning & bottling lines
  • Baode plate heat exchangers
  • Donjoy lobe pumps
  • Hailek Ink Jet

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Head Office – +61 [7] 3420 4943

Charlie Scandrett – 0412 720 060


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