Good Beer Mate Winner, Alex Young

After making our way through countless entries we have chosen the winner of our Good Beer Mate competition.

Alex Young from New South Wales and his Good Beer Mate Max Watson are heading to Good Beer Week, courtesy of Beer & Brewer.

They’ll be flying to Melbourne on 18 May and heading back on Sunday 21 May. In between they’ll enjoy the best of Good Beer Week, with tickets to some of the hottest events in town, including GABS and the Beer vs Pig tasting at Atticus Finch.

For their entry the guys submitted a poem: “He’s there when I need him, he’s my extra limb. Hand’s me a beer, every day, every year, Good Beer Week without him would be grim.”

Good Beer Mate
Good Beer Mate Runner Up, Mikala Smith

And while their wordsmithing skills certainly weren’t the best of the bunch, we could not go past the creativity and sheer effort that went into the photo collage they submitted, which was voted unanimously as the winner by all of the judges.

The guys went to extreme efforts to snag the prize, with Alex donning lederhosen and cramming himself into a freezer (how he did that is beyond us!), and Max stripping down to his birthday suit.

But there was one other entry that we also thought was great and only just missed out on the top prize, courtesy of Mikala Smith from Melbourne. So we’ve decided to throw in a runner-up prize of a year’s subscription to Beer & Brewer for the creativity of her submission.

“Bar Hopping to find a brew is the yeast of our problems. There’s Barley a beer my Lager than life mate and I haven’t tried!”

Congratulations to Alex Young and Max Watson – we hope you guys have fun at Good Beer Week! And congratulations as well to our runner-up, Mikala Smith.

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