Two renegade (and mysteriously anonymous) South Australians are launching a new way for people to get hold of hard-to-get beverages with their new online, and mail order, business Mr Tipple. The Zorro-style beer suppliers, who call themselves NK and The Shaker, are deep in planning for their new venture – prepping websites, designing mail order forms etc – but, most importantly, they are looking to track down a fine selection of Australia’s high quality, but hard to buy craft beers, spirits and wines to promote through their store.

And the stuff they’re after isn’t the kind of thing you can buy in a regular bottlo. “We’re really looking forward to introducing some amazing beverages to Australia’s population,” says The Shaker. “I have a bit of fondness for the craft beers we’re discovering too.”

The Mr Tipple team are planning a launch date for of August 1 – a strategic choice given the proximity to Fathers Day.

In the meantime, Mr Tipple would love to hear from Australian producers of beer, wine, cider, spirits and other alcoholic beverages who would like to sell their products via their services. Email the team at

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