The Fruit Wine and Cider Makers of New Zealand 2012 Awards are to be held this Sunday, 11 November at The County Hotel in Napier.

The Fruit Wine and Cider Makers of New Zealand is an association of commercial non-grape winemakers and their awards are designed to recognise the best producers, celebrate superb fruit wine and showcase their products to the public.

This year, 62 fruit wines have been entered from around the country including 25 ciders/perrys, 11 fruit ciders, 19 fruit wines and 6 fortified wines.

The entries in New Zealand’s only commercial Fruit Wine and Cider competition have been judged in custom-built facilities at the Eastern Institute of Technology in Napier by a team of experts, headed up by Malcolm Reeves. Qualified in Food Technology, Reeves has had a life-time of winemaking experience and has been judging the Fruit Wine and Cider Makers of NZ Awards for two decades.

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