River Valley Brewing is located in Locksley in NSW – that’s about 25km South East of Bathurst – and is the brainchild of Mick and Deb

The brewery is open for production of Ale in kegs and is looking to be up and running this May with their Old School Ale, Old School Wheat Ale and Dirty Swamp Ale. The also have a limited edition of a Green Hopped Pale Ale that won’t last long.

Those interested in stocking their brews should call (02) 63375560, while interested locals and travellers can find the brewery on Facebook

Old School Ale

3.8% alcohol by volume.Available in 50 litre kegs. Cost: $275.

As the benchmark beer we couldn’t call it anything else. A traditional ‘old school’ ale using Marris Otter and Brown malt combined with three different hop varieties to produce a complex fruity ale with a zesty finish.

Old School Wheat Ale

4.7% alcohol by volume.Available in 50 and 10 litre kegs. Cost: 50 litres $275. 10 litres $70.

A treat from the past. This is a unique white ale. Predominantly malted wheat that is gently bittered with East Kent Golding (EKG) hops and has a low pH. This produces a sharp and refreshing ale with aromas of clove and lime. What a hot weather refresher!

Dirty Swamp Ale

4.2% alcohol by volume.Available in 50 litre kegs. Cost: $275.

Locksley used to be known as Dirty Swamp from the 1820s till the early 1900s. Is that a name for a dark ale or what? The Dirty Swamp Ale is an all year round dark ale. Brown malt takes pride of place hereand produces slightly smoky flavours with just a hint of Turkish coffee. The darker colour is deceptive, give it a try, it is not a heavy ale.

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