Australia’s largest independent brewery, Coopers, will launch a limited seasonal edition, the Hazy IPA, on 17 August. 

Hazy beers are typically characterised by their intense, fruit-forward aroma, soft carbonation, creamy mouthfeel and opaque appearance – and the Coopers Hazy IPA delivers all that. Coopers Managing Director and Chief Brewer Dr Tim Cooper says Hazy IPA is a hoppy, sessionable beer with tangerine, orange and citrus flavours and aromas from the fruity Ahtanum and Strata hops.  

“It’s a softer, easy-drinking beer that fits comfortably within the New England IPA style as opposed to more aggressive West Coast IPAs,” he says.

Coopers Hazy IPA has a 6.2% ABV and an IBU of 27. It will be available for purchase in kegs and four-pack cans retailing at around $22 across Australia in all good bottle shops.

For further information contact Ben Hooper, Corporate Conversation, 08 8224 3535.

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