Beer drinkers will have a new heavyweight in the market place come 2013-2014 with Coca-Cola Amatil expanding on their plans to re-enter the Australian brewing industry.

The company has fleshed out a six-step plan that will see it face-off with foreign brewers and market leaders SABMiller and Kirin.

According to several news sources Coke has identified the potential for earnings of $1.2 billion a year (pre-tax) in the Australia and Pacific region, with a further $200 million in the premium beer market.

The plan involves leveraging their Fiji-based beer brands before entering the Kiwi market through partnerships with brands like Molson Coors.

They would further leverage their international reputation to offer international beer brands an alternative distributor within the Australian market.

After having been locked out of the market in 2011 after a deal with SABMiller, it will be interesting to see the fallout of their planned return to the market in the next few years. One thing is for sure, the beer industry will be watching with bated breath.

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