We’ve all been on that beach holiday, driven that ocean road, or just spent a little time looking out over the water. From Cable Beach in Broome, to the rocky coast of Eden, we are surrounded by the coast, and no matter if it’s a long weekend, or a few weeks off, we’ll hit the road and drive for ages to find that perfect place to stop. Australians are coasters at heart, so when the team at South East Brewing Co were looking for a name for their new weekend esky filler beer, Coaster just seemed to fit.

Pouring a satisfying golden colour, this incredibly balanced Bright Ale has a very subtle hop aroma, low bitterness, and a mild complexity with a dry finish. Just what you are after for those weekends at home, or next time you’re settling in for a long weekend away.

Contact hello@coaster.beer or visit www.coaster.beer for more details.

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