A new annual event has been launched by Cider Australia to promote Australian cider.

Held on 14 March, the event is expected to complement Cider Australia’s Trust Mark, which was rolled out last year, and advance further local product recognition.

Cider producers will mark this day by organising cider events, tastings and other fun festivities to generate discussion about 100% Australian Grown cider. 

“Over the last decade there has been huge growth in Australian cider production but unfortunately less than 10 per cent of cider consumed in Australia is made from Australian grown fruit,” comments Sam Reid, president of Cider Australia.

“That’s really disappointing for local producers who are working extremely hard to promote the benefits of supporting locally grown fruit and locally made cider.

“As an industry we’ve been lobbying the government for years to change the labelling laws so people know where the apples in their cider come from. Wine producers must be honest about regionality, but unfortunately we have had no success for cider at this stage.

“As a committed collective, Australian cider producers are taking action into their own hands and are rolling out the new trust mark on their products. The mark is now on a significant amount of packaging so we think it’s time to make it mean something for drinkers across Australia.”

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