CBIA chair Peta Fielding

The Craft Beer Industry Association (CBIA) has welcomed the broad aspects of the red tape reforms introduced in legislation last week by the Queensland Government and subsequently referred to a Parliamentary committee for review.

The proposed reforms show that the Newman Government recognises the importance of craft beer in Queensland as a growing industry in the areas of tourism and manufacturing.

Under the Government’s proposed legislation craft brewers will be able to pour samples and sell up to nine litres (a standard carton) as takeaway at events such as food festivals and markets.

The CBIA was involved in the consultative process and lobbied for changes to be made around the volumes allowed for sampling and sales. The CBIA also argued for any changes to the legislation to be extended to all Australian craft brewers rather than just those based in Queensland.

“Queensland’s Red Tape Reduction project gave the CBIA an opportunity to focus efforts on driving changes to liquor licensing laws affecting Queensland craft brewers and interstate brewers wanting to promote their products in the Queensland market,” said CBIA chair Peta Fielding.

“We are very pleased that legislative change is now in the works. This is a step towards enabling the industry to reach its full – and considerable¬ – potential as a contributor to Australian manufacturing, employment and the community. We will continue our efforts in driving sensible, regulatory change in various areas to support this goal.”

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