Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) has launched a campaign based in Central West New South Wales for Carlton Mid.

Focused on a unique carp muster that pits fishermen from all over against each other in the search for a very valueable fish, the Duke of Burrendong, there is a massive $10,000 cash prize up for one skilled fishing fanatic.

And the competition has an environmental motive to boot – the Carlton Mid Carp Muster is designed to remove the environmentally damaging carp population form the shores of Burrendong Dam to pave the way for the reintroduction of native fish species such as native yellowbellies, silver perch and cod.

Supported by print, radio and online advertising throughout the Central West, the campaign has a target of reintroducing 25,000 native fish into the dam.

Prior to the competition kicking off – on 3 November 2012 – a single carp was caught, tagged and re-released. Now known as the Duke of Burrendong it has a bounty on its head, one that will remain until Australia Day 2013. and in a neat hook, the bounty will increase by $100 everyday the Duke remains at large – meaning that the prize pot stands to hit $18,400.

For every other carp caught and registered, fishermen will receive a $1 discount token for their next Carlton Mid carton or block purchase through any participating Central West bottleshop.

For those who are yet to discover the joys of fishing, Carlton Mid will fund one native fish back into the dam for every purchase of a carton of Carlton Mid at participating bottleshops. Or if pub punters want to help, every third schooner of Carlton Mid sold will also fund a native fish into Burrendong Dam.

For a list of participating bottleshops and pubs visit the competition’s official website

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