By Vanessa Cavasinni, Australian Hotelier


A new major brewing site, the Brisbane Brew Partners, has been announced for Queensland, which will allow many smaller brewers to brew their beers there.

The council application for Brisbane Brew Partners was lodged in late May,  with the business to be built on a greenfield site in Morningside. Projected to open at the end of the year, Brisbane Brew Partners is a different concept to your standard brewery.

The $15 million structure will be an incubator brewery for fledgling brewers, contract and gypsy brewers, and existing brewers that are looking to increase their production capacity. Hospitality venues looking to create their own branded brews can also use the services of the brewery to produce their own beers at smaller quantities.

Brisbane Brew Partners is the brainchild of owner Shaun Lockwood, who sees it as a place to support smaller craft beer brewers.

“The unique thing about Brisbane Brew Partners is that our brewers will be partners with us, we want to incubate them,” he explains. “A lot of contract brewers choose to brew at other people’s breweries because they can’t afford to build their own brewery. Once they grow they usually out-grow the brewery they started brewing with. We can guarantee them the capacity and give them the confidence to focus on selling beer.”

The brewery will include a 20BBL brewhouse; 40BBL fermenters and 40BBL brite tanks for single and double batches; packaging capability for kegs, bottles and cans; a full laboratory for quality control; and significant cool room storage.

Lockwood suggests Brisbane Brew Partners can also be used by interstate craft brewers who want to serve the Queensland market without having to worry about transport costs and the deterioration of quality.

“The other service we will offer will be to existing interstate brewers to brew their recipes in Queensland for the Queensland market. Freight costs a lot to move beer cold and keep it fresh, if interstate breweries want to supply Queensland customers without shipping their beer around the country they can brew 40 kegs with us and get the freshest beer possible into the Queensland market.”

Brisbane brewing scene

Brisbane Brew Partners is the second major brewery construction announced for the city in the last fortnight, with Scottish brewer BrewDog expected to start work on their Australian brewery in the east Brisbane suburb of Murrarie next month. It is also expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Lockwood is currently looking for foundation partner brewers to start brewing when Brisbane Brew Partners opens in December. Long term plans for the business include the establishment of a sales and distribution arm to support partner brewers from concept to sales.

The construction of the site is expected to generate 40 jobs, while the ongoing brewing, marketing and sales operation is projected to create another 60 full- and part-time jobs in Brisbane over the next five years.

Brisbane Brew Partners is currently looking across Australia and internationally for a qualified brewer to oversee production and mentor brewing partners.

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