The Brewers Association has launched,
a site that helps consumers, homebrewers, retailers,
wholesalers, brewers and scrap yards redirect kegs back to the
breweries that own them.

Kegs are always the property of the brewery which purchased them, however, many kegs disappear as a result of
mishandling, and misappropriation. offers a convenient way for kegs to be returned to their proper owners.

According to the Association, keg loss costs craft brewers
between $0.46 and $1.37 per-barrel of annual keg production – creating an unintentional tax of between $5.3 million and $15.8 million
annually. This ultimately has a direct impact on job growth and profit
reduction for brewers, wholesalers and retailers.

For more information on keg etiquette, the keg return program, or for registration, visit:

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