How could you improve on the MasterChef phenomenon?How about include wine and beer on the tasting menu?This will happen on August the 11th as a battle for the taste buds of Barossan’s will take place at the Barossa Brewery & Brasserie in Tanunda.

Award winning beers and wines will be paired to a sumptuous six course menu prepared by local wine maker and MasterChef contestant John Hughes. Other local wine makers Dave Lehmann, Marco Cirillo, Troy Kalleske and John Hughes himself will match selected wines to John’s menu ranging from delicate seafood pate to spicy Tandoori lamb cutlets. Those lucky enough to attend on the evening will hear from the wine makers as to why their wine is the perfect complement to John’s dish.

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Denham D’Silva from Barossa Brewery & Brasserie will then offer his argument as to why his chosen beer will augment the dish better. The power to settle the debate will rest in the hands of the diners who will vote after each course as to which beverage was the best pairing.

For those who enjoy wine matching dinners this evening will provide a twist with beer trying to muscle in on territory long dominated by wine. So if you are curious to find out if a Coffee Stout or an Old Tawny Port goes best with John’s Chocolate Tart you will need to secure a ring side seat as these 2 beverages go head to head.

Cost for the dinner is $85.00 per head for 6 courses which include 6 beers and 6 wines. Getaways Reservation Service(856 31000 ) can provide transfers to and from the venue from any location in the Barossa.

For more information or to make reservations call Barossa Brewery & Brasserie on (08) 8563 0696.

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