Matilda Bay Brewing Co is determined to bring beer and food matching into the mainstream, teaming up with hipster Sydney chef du jour Colin Fassnidge, of Four In Hand (two chef hats) and 4Fourteen (one chef hat).

Playing off the growing popularity of beer and food matching events around the country, the choice of Fassnidge as a partner was an easy one according to Matilda Bay head brewer, Scott Vincent.

“We were stoked to hear that Colin was on board ‘cause there’s loads to be said about beer and food pairing,” he says. “People don’t regularly consider beer over wine when it comes to food and to be honest, they’re missing out.”

Fassnidge himself says that he is not sure why it has taken so long to catch on in the mainstream. “If you’re like me and you’re into your beers, then it just makes sense,” he says. “It’s all about complementing, contrasting and cleansing – if you pair the right beers with the right foods, you’re onto something seriously good . . . pretty obvious if you ask me.”

Also on the menu was some experimental cooking with Matilda Bay brews as a key ingredient. The results included a Dogbolter Braised Brisket recipe and an Apple Tarte Tatin dessert topped off with Dirty Granny sorbet.

With yet another high profile chef on board, things are looking up for the beer lists in top notch restaurants around the country.

“It’s only a matter of time until restaurants start to seriously consider beer the same way they do wine,” says Fassnidge. “We can expect to see more than just three or four beers on drinks lists soon, making it less of an afterthought.”

As part of its beer and food matching mission, Matilda Bay is hosting a series of beer and food matching lunches and dinners around the country, including:
The Junction in Byron Bay (7 February 2013)
The Lennox Point Hotel in Lennox Head (8 February 2013)
The Post Office Hotel in Melbourne (24 May 2013)

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