There is no stopping the Red Duck lads as they crank out more limited editions – this time perfect for the winter season that is soon to be upon us here in the antipodes.

The first is Red Admiral, a 6.2% Celtic Red Ale, a ruby red brew with “rich malt characters” that is “moderately hopped with Glacier, a relatively new American Hop variety”. Described as evoking the taste of “a rich plum pudding covered in treacle” it sounds like an ideal festive ale for Christmas in July. And apparently if you have the will power to cellar this brew it “will mature and improve over the coming years, developing richer flavours and even more balance”.

The second brew off the docks is Queen Bee, a 6.6% Honey Porter that is a “dark amber colour” and made with “a good amount of a secret, dark and mysterious bush honey”. In fact, the honey is so hard to get that the boys are sometimes not able to brew Queen Bee, making it one of the most sought after ales in the country.

Sounds intriguing. And why wouldn’t it be with the Brewer, Scott, being inspired by a visit to Sutton Hoo – the resting place of Raedwald, the first great Anglo-Saxon king – that got him thinking about the types of ales that would have been enjoyed in the halls of kings around those times. Beer fit for an ancient king? Bring it on.

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