The Carlsberg beer-bles


Carlsberg is telling people to ‘grab Christmas by the beer-bles’ with its latest marketing stunt in the form of a 27ft, beer-dispensing Christmas tree giving away free beer.

Located in London’s South Bank the giant fir was adorned with glass blown beer-bles and a beer hop on the top, with a pump at the bottom dispensing free lager.

The stunt ran for one day from midday to 7pm, with the Danish brewer giving the first 100 visitors beer-bles to drink from.

Check out the Christmas tree in action here.

Carlsberg’s final activation for the year comes on the back of some memorable marketing stunts from the brewer, with its luggage stunt in July and its beer dispensing billboard in April.

If Carlsberg Did Cases luggage stunt:

Probably the Best Poster in the World billboard stunt:


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