Wilde Isotonic is a naturally brewed electrolyte drink, created to taste like a regular Pale Ale, however instead of dehydrating you and pulling nutrients out of your body, it replenishes you by adding lost electrolytes and essential vitamins. Unlike any other sports drinks or electrolyte beers on the market, Wilde Isotonic has the same concentration of fluid, sugars and salt to blood, which allows the drink to be absorb much faster during exercise, to rehydrate you – something current non-alcoholic or sports beers don’t offer.

Wilde Isotonic is made with more complex carbohydrates and has 50% less sugar than other standard sports drinks, making it a suitable alternative for standard electrolyte drinks. Wilde Isotonic included vitamins B1, B3 & B9 and is brewed like a Pale Ale, nicely balanced with full-bodied malt character and tropical passionfruit pear aromas. It pours light golden with a crisp and refreshing finish.  

Wilde Isotonic is available through Dan Murphy’s and independent retailers nationally.

Contanct Roland Thiemann – Head of Innovation at Tribe Breweries
roland.thiemann@tribebreweries.com.au or visit www.wildebeer.com.au for more information.

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