4 Pines Main Image
The 4 Pines team at the Brookvale brewery

4 Pines Brewing Company is set to open the doors of its Brookvale brewery and let beer lovers enjoy the freshest beer possible, while standing in the inner sanctum of a working brewery.

“There’s something about ‘lifting the curtain’ and being able to see the processes, time and love that goes on behind the scenes,” said 4 Pines’ Adrian Lugg.

“To us, beer is all about getting the basics right, but supporting this with innovation, attention to detail and a little craftsman flair, it’s also really important to be able to showcase our beer fresh. What better way to do that than a pub in a brewery?”

Adding a bar to the brewery has been on the cards for a while for the 4 Pines team, with it set to feature some quirky elements such as a bar built into an old Dodge as well as both bottle and draught beer, and food ‘with a twist’. Growlers will also be available so customers can enjoy the freshest 4 Pines beer at home.

“Jaron and Sheree Mitchell (co-founders) recently headed to the States and did a whirlwind tour visiting breweries and venues to drink beer and get inspiration. The Brookvale HQ bar will see some consistent themes flow through from existing Manly brewpub with some fun ideas thrown in to cater to the larger industrial layout,” said Lugg.

“From a beer perspective it will be purely 4 Pines, the bar is being built into an old Dodge and there’ll be a good range of beers including our core crowd pleasers and a number of rotating taps to showcase our small batch ‘Keller Door’ range. There will also be wine available for the yet-to-be converted.”

The bar is set to open in April.

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