Sauce founder Mike Clarke outside what will be the new brewery in Marrickville


Sydney gypsy brewer, Sauce Brewing Co., is launching its first three brews at the Dove & Olive on Friday, 11 November.

One of the beers was chosen through a social media poll, which gave Sauce followers a list of beer styles and asked them to vote for their favourite. A new recipe was then formulated and the beer brewed shortly after.

Leading up to the big reveal, Sauce founder Mike Clarke was remaining tight-lipped as to which style came out in front.

“The winner took us by surprise but is well-suited to a summer seasonal and delivers a great three-style line-up (so it’s not another IPA – as much as I love them). It’s made with a very multinational mix of malts, hops and yeasts,” Clarke told Beer & Brewer.

In addition to the special batch, Sauce is hitting the market with two beers – a fruity, hoppy pale ale and a juicy, resinous double IPA.

“The pale is a west-coast style APA with a light malt profile allowing the hops to shine through. US and Aussie hops with plenty of tropical and stone fruit aromas. It’s 4.5 per cent ABV and about 35 IBU,” said Clarke.

“The double IPA is a cracker. Vienna and crystal malts for a deep amber hue and balance for the bitterness, and bucket-loads of Calypso, Melba and Topaz hops result in a fruity, resinous delight that is really hard to drink in moderation. It’s 8.3 per cent ABV and about 83 IBU.”

While Sauce is currently a gypsy brewer, with its initial line-up crafted at the Australian Brewery in Rouse Hill, it plans to open a brewery in Marrickville, mid-2017.

“We’re hard at work at the warehouse, building our brewery! We recently secured a great space in Marrickville with ample room for a 20hl brewhouse, tasting bar and a beer garden,” said Clarke.

While the brewery is being built the Sauce team plan to brew a couple more styles and focus on building the brand so that by the time the brewery is open they’ve got a decent following.

With Sauce brewing at Australian Brewery it’s no surprise all three new beers will be available in cans.

“The pale and IIPA should be available around the time of the launch party, with the special batch a couple of weeks after that,” Clarke said.

“The best, earliest, and cheapest place to try them all will be at the launch party on 11 November! We’re just now putting the finishing touches on our new website, which has a ‘beer locator’ where you can search for bars and bottleshops that stock our beer.”

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