#PoshPie creator and The Lord Dudley Hotel executive chef Paul Medcalf

The Lord Dudley Hotel in Sydney has partnered with Groupon to create the world’s most expensive ‘surf and turf’ pie, certified as a world record by RecordSetter, the #PoshPie is on sale for $12,000.

In celebration of its two millionth food and drink voucher sold since launching in 2011, Groupon will give one lucky person the chance to eat the pie at The Lord Dudley Hotel and meet the chef behind the recipe.

The #PoshPie is bursting with luxurious Australian and international ingredients, the likes of which include: two different cuts of premium beef from David Blackmore, two whole West Australian rock lobsters and two bottles of Penfolds Grange Reserve.

Pie creator and The Lord Dudley Hotel executive chef Paul Medcalf has taken the classic ‘surf and turf’ concept to a lavish new level with the addition of rare Winter Black truffles and dried Italian porcini mushrooms. To top it off, the pie comes adorned with German gold leaf.

The #PoshPie took three weeks to develop in the kitchens of The Lord Dudley Hotel, with Medcalf experimenting with various ingredients and methods before settling on his final recipe.

“My approach was to take the classic surf and turf concept and replicate it into a pie using the best quality ingredients I could get my hands on. After weeks of tinkering away in the kitchen I think the #PoshPie is well deserving of its record breaking title,” said Medcalf.

Pie lovers can get their ‘piece of the pie’ here, or if dropping a cool $12,000 on a pie is a little out of your league you can enter the competition to win a serving of the #PoshPie here. Now what beer goes with a $12,000 pie?


The #PoshPie ingredients:

2kg David Blackmores brisket

2kg David Blackmores beef tenderloin marble score

2 Western Australian rock lobsters

500g Australian Winter Black truffles

1 pack German gold leaf

2 Penfolds Grange Reserve bottles

Dried Italian porcini mushrooms

Puff pastry

All organic vegetables: eschalot, carrot, celery, leek, vine ripened tomatoes, crushed tomatoes, tomato puree, thyme

Veal sauce


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