Sydney Beer Week is set to return in October this year, with the official opening of event submissions marking the countdown to the event.

The week-long celebration, renowned for its commitment to promoting the vibrant beer culture of the region, showcases the creativity, craftmanship and camaraderie that define Sydney’s beer scene through a series of events such as tastings, workshops and immersive beer-pairing experiences.

Breweries, bars and venues now have the opportunity to submit their event proposals for consideration, and organisers are encouraging submissions that embody the core values of the event.

Pete Anstey, Managing Director of Sydney Beer Week, says: “We are thrilled to open the doors for event submissions for Sydney Beer Week 2024. This event is a celebration of not just beer, but also of the sense of community and creativity that defines our city.

“We are excited to see the innovative ideas that our local breweries, bars and venues are bringing to the table this year.”

The four core values of Sydney Beer Week, which event proposals are encouraged to embody, are beer focus, collaboration, education, and cultural integration.

This year, event organisers will pay particular attention to the cultural and artistic integration aspect, looking for events that fuse beer with Sydney’s rich cultural tapestry and create memorable experiences for the local community.

For events with a beer focus, organisers would like to highlight the innovation, diversity, and quality of beer offerings, while collaborative events should look to engage joint ventures and partnerships that bring together breweries, bars and local businesses.

To bring an educational element to Sydney Beer Week, event organisers are also interested in supporting workshops, masterclasses and informative sessions that provide attendees with insights into the beer-making process.

Event proposals can be submitted through the Sydney Beer Week website and will be accepted until midnight Friday 19 May, with the event set to take place from 18 to 25 October.

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