As many breweries struggle in the current economic and consumption climate, Stryda Brewing Co is launching having identified the shift in younger consumers to RTDs and Seltzers and has focused on creating a beer experience for today’s legal age younger drinkers.

Stryda’s says its brewing philosophy revolves around creating beers that are not just easy to enjoy but are also exceptionally sessionable. The brewer has created a range that curated to suit a variety of drinking occasions, with 4.4 per cent and 2.2 per cent ‘refreshing’ lagers.

In describing the beers, Stryda says: “Our flagship lager, boasting an inviting 4.4 per cent ABV, epitomises our passion for balance, delivering a refreshingly easy-drinking and sessionable brew that never compromises on taste.

“We also embrace moderation in drinking with our 2.2 per cent ABV lager, offering low calories, low carbs, and low alcohol while maintaining the rich flavour of our 4.4 per cent signature brew. Enjoy a world of taste during low-alcohol occasions.”

Kirsty Basman, Marketing Director at Stryda Brewing Co, adds: “At Stryda, our mission is clear. We’re here to shatter expectations and unveil a beer brand that pulses with the vibrant energy of the dynamic younger generation.”

Stryda Beer is already proving successful, and Head Brewer Riaz Shalla says he hopes the beer’s balance of bold flavours will help in taking Stryda global.

“At our core, we believe that exceptional beer hinges on the art of balance,” Riaz said. “It’s not just about creating something our team likes the flavour of; it’s about creating something that can appeal to all beer fans, not just here but worldwide. We’ve worked hard to balance delicious flavours, highest quality ingredients, and the mass market appeal of an easy-drinking, stylish, and affordable beer.”

He added: “If you travel internationally, you don’t see a lot of Australian beer, and the ones you do see aren’t the beers we drink here.

“We want to put a stamp on what an Australian beer looks and tastes like. It’s bigger than a flag printed on a can or bottle; it’s about the feeling you get when you crack open a bottle and share a drink with your nearest and dearest or even a brand-new acquaintance. It’s about a community built around beer.”

Stryda is available now on Australia’s east coast, with the brewery saying it is “gearing up to offer a variety of exciting experiences for beer enthusiasts across Australia”.

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