Perth’s Murdoch University and Spinifex Brewing have signed a memorandum of understanding that pledges to tackle climate change by turning waste into profit.

The agreement will see collaboration in various fields of research and teaching, with a focus on value chain optimisation and algal research for potential commercialisation opportunities. Murdoch and Spinifex are foundation tenants at the new Food Innovation Precinct Western Australia located in the Peel Business Park in Nambeelup south of Perth.

Spinifex, which produces craft beers infused with native Australian flavours, will collaborate closely with Murdoch’s Harry Butler Institute on several projects looking to transform brewery waste such as spent grain and yeast into value-add products.

The use of waste to support carbon capturing algal biomass production will also be investigated through Murdoch’s commercial entity, Algae Harvest. The collaboration will also provide Spinifex Brewery with the benefit of having a dedicated facility to support novel research into grain for the development of highly nutritious ingredients and food.

Harry Butler Institute director professor Simon McKirdy said the spent grain and yeast projects will provide a range of learning and research opportunities for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

“With the latest and emerging technologies and processes, the Spinifex brewery complements the FIPWA Murdoch learning and research environment,” he said.

“This partnership is an exciting step towards creating a sustainable future for the brewing industry, while also providing learning and research opportunities for students.”

Spinifex chair Gavin McKay said the Spinifex Algae Harvest project will set a new standard for environmental sustainability in the brewing industry, with the use of waste to support carbon capturing algal biomass production and the value-add products that can be developed from brewery waste.

“I have always held great admiration for the craft brewing industry’s commitment to environmental sustainability and thoughtfulness. It is with utmost pleasure that we join forces with a world-class institution to advance our shared goals of promoting sustainability, fostering environmental consciousness, and embracing a circular economy. Together, we will drive forward innovative commercial opportunities, propelling the craft beer industry into the next phase of positively influencing every aspect of our business endeavours.”

This is an edited version of a media release distributed by Spinifex Brewing.

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