Unlock new possibilities for the production of lagers with the Fermentis lager yeast range. 

If that isn’t exciting enough, selecting the right strain may actually save you time and money by reducing fermentation time and cooling requirements, or enabling more efficient hop utilisation.

Reduce fermentation times with SafLager™ W-34/70

The Fementis R&D team conducted extensive trials with this yeast strain that showed remarkable stability and robust performance in many different conditions.

“We’ve been using it up to 20°C, which is very uncommon for lager fermentation,” Fermentis’ technical sales support manager Simon Jeanpierre said. “Usually you would be in the range of 14-16°C.

“At 20°C, it delivered exactly the same flavour profile with consistent fermentation.”

The obvious benefit of this performance is a substantial reduction of fermentation time, freeing up valuable tank space so that brewers can move on to the next beer.

SafLager™ S23: For delicate fruity and hoppy lagers

Originating at the eminent VLB Brewing Institute in Berlin, this particular yeast is widely used by breweries in Europe for the production of lager and pilsner beers with excellent length on the palate.

SafLager™ S189: Getting more from your hops

Recent brewing research has demonstrated that certain yeast strains can influence beer flavour and aroma by interacting with compounds present in hops.

Fermentis’ research has found SafLager™ S189 has a strong tendency to initiate this phenomenon known as biotransformation, enabling more efficient utilisation of hops.

“We have seen from different studies we have done about yeast and hop interaction that this strain has a very nice ability to express more from the hops that you use,” Simon added.

SafBrew™ LD-20: Lower carb beers with ease

Enterprising craft brewers are increasingly developing products to cater for a consumer base that is becoming ever more health conscious.

SafBrew™ LD-20 is an All-In-1™ blend of active dry yeast and enzyme that more readily enables the production of lower carb, dry lager beers to suit this demographic. 

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