Mountain Culture rocket

Mountain Culture Brewing Co, the Blue Mountains brewery that placed first on the recent GABS Hottest 100 list, has celebrated the launch of its new Australian Pale Lager by literally launching the beer 1000m into the air only to have it parachute back down to earth and into an esky.

The campaign was launched yesterday via Instagram, following a series of marketing videos released in the weeks prior showing Founders DJ and Harriet McCready and their team consulting with NASA Operations Manager Maxim King about the launch.

Earlier videos depicted the conceptualisation of the beer rocket launching into the stratosphere, and consulting with the NSW Rocketry Association and NASA about the project.

The beer, which has been 18 months in the making, was brewed using pure Blue Mountains water and hand-selected Australian ingredients, resulting in a crisp, easy-drinking lager which has now joined the core Mountain Culture range.

DJ McCready, Co-Founder and Head Brewer of Mountain Culture, shared his excitement about the special beer launch: “It’s no secret that the favourite beer of our brewery team is lager. Together we set out 18 months ago to brew something special that is deserving of our core range. Highly technical, combining Aussie ingredients, our state-of-the-art brew house and traditional brewing techniques, to deliver the right balance and the most crisp, refreshing lager around. We’re calling it the really good beer for when you just want a beer.”

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