Peroni is launching its most significant global brand makeover since 2005 and is currently rolling out across Australia.

The premium Italian beer brand has updated its bottle, glass and a revamped logo, with the aim to evoke classic Italian style, re-affirming its premium positioning.

Peroni’s new bottle is an elegant and sleek design which takes inspiration from the brand’s rich history, re-introducing its iconic elements such as sophisticated curves and an engraved signature of Giovanni Peroni, the founding father of Peroni. This new design creates differentiation in the category and will be applied to both Peroni Nastro Azzurro and Leggera.

The new glassware has been specifically styled to deliver the best drinking experience. With a tall and elegant profile, the glassware takes on a new modern hexagonal base and also shares the engraved signature of Giovanni Peroni. This keeps with the new bottle design and again reinforces Peroni’s premium Italian craftsmanship.

The Peroni logo has also evolved to evoke a classic iconic style with references to the brand’s Roman provenance in a new, hexagonal label on the bottle, inspired by the centre of the original Birra Peroni Crest.

Subtle changes such as the iconic blue ribbon will take a modern new shape and the appearance of a hand drawn maize icon highlights its high quality Italian ingredients. Each change softly reflects the brand’s authentic Italian heritage in keeping with its iconic blue, red and white colours.

“Peroni has always brought Italian style to the world of beer and our bottle and glass are one of the strongest drivers of our brand equity,” says Grayson Cook, Marketing Manager for Peroni.

“We tested the new designs through consumer research and received outstanding results for premium perception, purchase intent and link to Italian heritage and style. We are amplifying the launch of our new bottle and glassware through a national media campaign, which will kick off some fantastic plans for this year including Peroni being the official beer sponsor of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Sydney in May and some exciting new product launches.”

The new brand updates come at a time where Peroni has experienced significant sales growth in Australia over the past 12 months from both Nastro Azzurro and Leggera. Asahi Premium Beverages will support the brand makeover with a national media campaign featuring the new bottle and reinforcing the brand’s style credentials.

Peroni is also the official beer sponsor of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia and will be activating at select venues in Sydney.

To further amplify its connection to style, Peroni will partner with Australian cult fashion label, Double Rainbouu to create uniforms for the key venues to celebrate Aperitivo Hour with a twist – pairing curated snack menus with Peroni beer and cocktails.

Peroni will also be expanding its portfolio with some exciting brand innovations due later in the year.

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